Wednesday, June 26, 2019

10 Best Wordpress Plugins You must Install

The platform Wordpress has almost all the amenities but still it lack something. As we know, nothing is complete in this world. Wordpress has a very good user interface. It contains almost all the things in its dashboard. But it has lack of plugins that you must install for your website. But it has a directory that contains thousands of plugins. There are paid as well as free plugins. There are about 50,000 plugins in its directory.
Today, I'll be sharing best best plugins that you must install for your website. It contains the plugins that help you in On-Page SEO of your website. If you are Newbie bloggers, it will guide how to build a blog or a website. If you are new to this field, you must use this platform, In comparison to other platform, you get more traffic due to its multiple advantages. My friends always ask me how to create a website and rank it in first page of Search Engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo etc. They use to ask me which tools we must install for our site. Here is a list of plugins you should go with.

1: Yoast Seo: 

Seo stands for Search Engine Optimization. It helps you to rank your site. But the people who are unaware of Seo. They can easily install this plugin and do better practices. Many tools were introduced but Yoast Seo is the father of all. Millions of user are using this tool. One of the biggest advantage of this tool is it can be installed on self-hosted site.
Yoast Seo
Yoast Seo helps you in adding superior meta tags to your post. Even it tells you what the length of the title and the article should be. With the help of this tool, you can install google analytics to this website. You can submit your wordpress site to google search console as well. It can detect the broken links present on your site. A beginner can use it easily as it contains no complexity. It is free of cost but it contains premium version as well. It's premium version contains extra feature as well. Through this, we can write Seo Friendly article for our website.

2: W3 Total Cache:

W3 Total Cache is also a best tool used for gaining the loading speed of the website. This factor can helps you in gaining more traffic to you and reduces the bounce rate. If your bounce rate is high, the visitor says on you site for sometime, but if the loading speed of your website is great then your visitor stays more time. It provides best experience to the user. The user like to visits the website that takes short time to load.
W3 Total Cache
W3 Total Cache improves the page load time. If the user experience that your Wordpress site takes too much time to load then he or she will never be a return visitor. This tool gives the full performance report of the blog. 

3: Defender: 

Wordpress platform enables us to create a free website. Every website owner should be careful about its security. There are number of hackers that can hack your data. They work hard and write their own unique content. In no time, the content is copied or hacked by the hackers. For this purpose, Wordpress has launched a tool that protects your website from the hackers.
If there are any possibilities of the website to be hacked, it indicates the problems present in your website. You can easily fix these issues by following this plugin. Defender contains another feature that monitors your blacklisted domain. Whenever your domain is blacklisted, it quickly informs you, you can quickly fix this issue. 

4: MonsterInsights Google Analytics:

If you are the owner of the wordpress site and you've not installed this plugin then you are on a great loss. It helps you to generate more traffic towards your website. It gives the analysis of the users coming to your website. The people who are unaware how to install Google Analytics to the website. They must use this easy tool to install google analytics to it's site.
Google Analytics
You can target the country for your keyword through this amazing tool. The biggest advantage of the google analytics is that is free of cost. You doesn't need to pay anything for google analytics. You must go for google analytics and track your audience. It keeps you in touch with your audience as well. 

5: Humming Bird:

Humming Bird is one of the best wordpress plugins similar to W3 Total Cache. It is used for the same purpose for which W3 Total Cache is used. It increases the speed of the site to load quickly. In this age, everyone is in hurry to get it's result quickly. Whenever a user visits a site, he or she wishes that site should load in 2 seconds.
Humming Bird
Humming Bird analyses and gives the score of site's speed. If your site takes time to load then your visitors are not willing more to visit the page. Humming Bird compresses the cache the page so that the page may load quickly.

6: Akismet 
6: Akismet

The Word Kismet has been derived from the two words Automatic and Kismet. It is used to filter the comments that are post on your website. With the help of this plugin, you can delete the spam comments. If you are running a big business then you suffer from this problem. Almost all comments are spam, out of 100 about 80 comments are spam. You should use this fantastic tool to filter and delete the spam comments.

7: Woo Commerce:

Woo Commerce is a fantastic plugin if you willing to sell anything on your website. This tool is used to convert a site to store. You can sell anything on your blog by using this tool. It has many options like shipping, payment method. If you use this awesome plugin on Wordpress. It'll be easy for the users to buy anything. The users can select their payment method very easily. I recommend you for using Woo Commerce. I've heard much appreciation from the developer as well as the customers who have used it.

8: Google XML Sitemap:
Google XML Sitemap

Google XML Sitemap is an awesome plugin that is used to generate the sitemap for your blog. It automatically generates the sitemap. In this way, you don't need to generate or make the sitemap. Once the sitemap has been generated, it submits it to the Search Engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing etc. Google XML Sitemap is very easy to use. Once you have installed, you don't need to do anything manual. Whenever you will create a new post, Search Engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing will be informed automatically. It will also help the crawler to crawl your all pages and posts.

9: MailChimp:

MailChimp is a best wordpress plugin that is used to add beautiful subscription form in the blog. Through the help of MailChimp, everyone can subscribe to your channel or site. So, it will keep updating the subscribers about your latest posts. You can send mail to your subscribers through MailChimp. You can own it's version as well to get better results. It also supports the plugins like Contact form, and WooCommerce etc. You can use it's premium version to experience better marketing.

10: Snapshot

Snapshot is another fantastic tool that is used when your site is hacked or crashed.  You don't need to worry if your site is hacked or crashed. With the help of this plugin, you can easily restore your complete website. Sometimes, the websites are accidentally crashed or damaged. This tool can help you in restoring your website.


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