Thursday, June 6, 2019

How to find best keywords for your article?

In the present age,  everyone is trying to make his website on any of the platforms. But the question arises how to do it and how to rank it in the search engines.
The solution is to find the best keywords for your article you are writing. There are numerous tools that can help you in finding the proper words. Some of them are listed below:


Tools to find the best keywords:

Google Keyword Planner
Keywords EveryWhere
Moz Keyword Finder
Ahrefs Explorer
Keyword Snatcher
Google Trends
KW Finder

1.  Google Keyword Planner:
Google Keyword Planner is the best tool that can help you in finding the keywords. Basically, it is linked with google Adwords but we will only use it for our purpose. It gives us information about our competitors. It provides us information about the monthly searches. It also provides us ideas about our business.


2. Keywords Everywhere: 

It is the best tool that is used for the same purpose. It is also an extension for chrome as well as firefox through which you can find the best for your article. Once you have installed this extension, enter the API key and validate it for free. After this, search the keyword on google, you will get complete information about the competitors as well as monthly searches.


3: Moz Keyword Finder: 

It is the best tool for analyzing your targeted site. It can help me in ranking your website easily. Moz can help you to compete with your competitors. On-Page Seo is the only way to rank your site on the first page of Search Engines like google, bing, and Yahoo. If you do proper On-page Seo of your website then you don't need to do Off-Page Seo in a proper way. The On-page is the "backbone" of your website. Always try to add best keywords in your article. Try to optimize your article in a better way.


4: Ahref

Ahref is the best platform where you can track your website and your competitors. You can analyze your competitors on which topic they are working for. It can help you in analyzing the keywords of the competitors they are ranking. It tells us how to bring organic traffic to our website. It helps us to create or find the backlinks that we have created so far. You can also get information that whether your competitors are getting organic traffic or they are getting traffic through paid advertisements. 

5: Google Trends

Google Trends helps us to find the trend of things in different areas of the world. Through Google Trend, we can find the best keywords and submit them to the targeted areas. Google Trends tells us where the keyword is being searched in rich volume. So, we can find keywords that are trending in any country. We should find the keywords that are being searched in rich volume. You should be aware of the interests of people in different countries of the world. Then, you will be able to target the selected countries.


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