Saturday, June 15, 2019

How to write an article for your Website?

Today, I'll help you to write an article for your website, No doubt, you should have skills to write a post on any topic. You must have knowledge about that topic you are going to write. If you are not having knowledge about that topic then it will be difficult for you to do so. There are numbers of the topic to write on them. First of all, you should make your mind on the topic you are willing to write.
I'll share tips with you to write a Seo-friendly article for your website.


First of all, do Keyword Research for that topic. Always try to select the Keyword that has thousands of searches on a monthly basis. You should choose a Keyword that is having low competition. If you do proper Keyword Research, it will be easy for you to rank it in the Search Engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo etc. I know you don't have any knowledge of how to do Keyword Research. Don't worry, I've already written an article on Keyword Research. After reading this article, you'll be able to do proper Keyword Research for your website.

Afterward, you should start writing the article. Your words should be interesting for your readers to read. You should use proper words that attract a lot of audience. If your article is boring and irritating, no one will be willing to read another article. Newbie Blogger just starts writing whatever comes in their mind. It will not lead them to success. Here are some tips that will help you in writing the best article for your website.

 1: Follow the Rule: "Think Before you speak":

If you are willing to write a post, you must think about that topic. The Internet has become a Global World now. It contains a lot of information about every topic. Just search for that article, start reading it. I'll suggest you read at least 4 to 5 articles to get full information about that topic. When you have full command, start writing the post.

2: Get Ideas From Newspaper as Well:

Nowadays, articles on every topic are published in newspapers. You should use the newspaper of your interest. Newspapers provide us a lot of information. They are a source of pleasure as well. The advantage of a Newspaper is that wherever you are you can easily read them either you are on a journey or you are at home. 

3: Add Proper Keywords to your post:

Adding proper Keywords to your post is the key to success. Try to add your Keyword in title, introduction, and the body section of your post. Always try to add your primary keyword of about 2% to 3% in the post. If you are adding the Keyword more than this density then it will be considered spam by the Search Engines like Google. 

4: Update your content Regularly:

If you have written a post and are not updating it then it will be mishap for you. Try updating that post regularly. Because Search Engine like Google, Bing, and Yahoo crawl our websites daily. They always look for unique and updated content for their visitors. You should update your post on a regular basis. 

5: Add A Video To Your Post:

If you are willing to teach your audience something then you should add a unique video to your post. It will be easy for the audience to understand it in a better way. And never think of adding a copyrighted video to your post. Always try to make your own video and add it into your website.

Almost all good writings begin with terrible first efforts. You need to start somewhere. What I have learned to do when I sit down to work on a shitty first draft is to quiet the voices in my head." Anne Lamott.
Don't be afraid to take an unfamiliar path, sometimes they are the ones that take you to the best places. 
I've shared all the best tips with you to write a Seo Friendly post for your website. Use these unique steps for yourselves and share it with others.



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