Best Google Adsense Alternatives 2019

Welcome to Instant Tech Guide! Today, I'll share the best sites through which you can earn money by publishing their ads.Now-a-days, Google Adsense is highly paying website for publishing ads on the websites. At the same time, it's very challenging for Newbie Bloggers to get approval. You have to follow it's policies in order to get approval for it.
Many of my friends requested me to write an article for the people who are unable to get approval for Adsense. I've met a lot of people who have worked really hard but got nothing. I'll also write an article how to get approval for Google Adsense? This field always wants you to work hard. You can't achieve anything without working hard. Google Adsense always give approval to websites who are using unique content.


1) Media.net:

Media.net is the only site competing with Google Adsense. If you are unable to get Adsense approval then you must try this one. It provides you high quality ads to publish them on your websites. If we make comparison between Media.net and Google Adsense then we come to know that Google Adsense does not pay for Impressions. But Media.net pays for the impression of ads as well on your website. Media.net analyses your website for almost 15 days. If your site is applicable after the analyzing process, then they select high quality ads according to your content.
 You can earn money by impression as well through Media.net. You should always focus on the unique content. Media.net is second option for your after meeting the failure of Google Adsense. The ads published on your website will have resemblance with your content. The question arises can we publish ads of Media.net on multiple site. The answer is we can't. We have to get approval for the another one. With the help of Adsense, you can publish ads wherever you want. 

2) Infolinks:

Infolinks is also an advertising network like Adsense. Both of these companies work in the same way. They give ads to their publishers for their advertisements. But there is difference in their advantages. You can earn much through infolinks ads. The biggest advantage of Infolinks is that you can get fast approval for your website. Google Adsense does not give approval for low quality websites.
You can get approval on Infolinks if you are having low traffic on your website. But it is difficult to get Adsense approval if you are having low traffic. You have to follow the guidelines of Google Adsense otherwise you may be suspended any time. Infolinks is regarded as the 6th best advertising network in the world. It is working in about 128 countries. If you have got approval of Infolinks, you can show ads on multiple websites. I'll recommend you to try this network as well. 

3) Propeller Ads Advertisement:

Propeller Ads Advertisement is another alternative for Adsense. You can get immediate approval without doing any hard work. Once, you have got approval for your website, you need to add your website in site section of your Dashboard. If you are willing to use Propeller Ads Advertisement then you must have a lot of traffic on your website.
If you want to earn more through any of these advertisement network then your traffic must be from European countries. If you are generating traffic from Asian countries, it'll be difficult for you to earn more. Propeller Ads Advertisement pays high amount to the websites which are related to entertainment. In order to get more revenue from this advertising network, niche of your website must be related to Entertainment. It has multiple payments methods through which you can easily withdraw your money. 

4) Pop Ads Advertisement:

Pop Ads Advertisement is another fantastic alternative for us to earn money from blogging. You can easily get approval on this advertising network. You can easily place ads on your site by using it's simple dashboard. You should use Anti Adblock ads on your blog to get revenue from it. It has minimum payout of $5 which is good for Newbie Bloggers. It is very profitable for the entertainment websites or blogs.
You can get revenue through ads impression as well. Pop Ads Advertisement pays $4 per thousand impression. It has multiple payments methods like Propeller. Recently, Pop Ads has added Payoneer to the payment method. You see a number of Pop ads on movie websites because Adsense Ads are not present there due to their policy. Pop Ads are source of great revenue for entertainment movies.

5) Bidvertiser Ads Network:

Bidvertiser is another advertising network that started their work in 2008. Bidvertiser was introduced to compete with Google Adsense. They tried their best but in vain. The publisher can receive payments through different methods like Payza, Paypal, and Wire Transfer etc. The minimum payout for Bidvertiser is $10.
The major problem of Bidvertiser is that they don't publish ads according to your content. Due this reason, you get minimum click through rate. If you have not got Adsense approval or are rejected by this advertising network, you should try this advertising network to groom your revenue. 



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