How to Create High Quality Backlinks for your Website?

Welcome to Instant Tech Guide! I'm back with a new tutorial how you can build high quality of backlinks for your website. Quality Backlinks are also necessary for websites to rank it on Search Engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo etc. But On-Page Seo is more important than the off page Seo. If you have written Seo article, you can easily rank it in six months without any Backlink. First of all, you should do proper On-Page Seo of your website. Recently, I made a website and it ranked in Google without having any single high backlinks.


Do Follow Backlinks: The links that we make are DO Follow by default. The robots or the crawlers of Search Engines read these Do Follow links in the source code of the page. The crawlers index these Do follow links in order to rank the page in Search Engines. Do Follow links are visible to both human as well as robots and crawlers of Search Engines.
No Follow Backlinks:  The links in which we add html attribute rel="nofollow" are called as No Follow Backlinks. These type of links are visible only to human. The robots and crawlers are unable to index these links. These type of links play slight role in Page Authority as well as domain authority. 

What is Link Building?

Link Building is the technique through which you share the link of your websites on different websites to attract the audience. There were number of backlink tools introduced to create high backlinks. The people used these tools to create backlinks in illegal way. I always suggest you to create backlinks in a legal way. You have to share your links on websites which are getting more traffic to them. It has been seen that the sites which are having large number of Quality backlinks rank higher in the search engines. But it is very difficulty to create quality of backlinks for free. I'm going to share all the tips through which you can create high pr backlinks for free in 2019.

1) Submission to Active Blog Directories:

First of all, We move ahead to active Blog directories. What are Blog directories? These are the directories where you can submit your whole blog. Blog Directories are not much valuable as they were in the past. Google banned number of directories in order to remove the spam contents. The people used to create their own directories and submit their blogs. If you are going to submit your blog to the directory to get backlink, you must checkout whether the directory is getting traffic and high alexa rank. 

You can find a lot of blog directories to submit your blog and get high quality backlink. You should make it sure before submitting your blog that directory is getting large number of audience. You should check it alexa rank in order to satisfy yourself. Once, you are satisfied with it's alexa rank and traffic, you can submit your website to directory. I'm not providing here the list of blog directories but you can get lists of blog directories on the web. 

2) Submission to Social Bookmarking Sites:

Social Bookmarking sites are another source of getting high quality of backlinks for free. These are the websites where you can share your contents as well as save it. You can get heavy traffic to your websites by sharing your content here. These websites will also help you to rank your website in Search Engines. You can submit your posts to 12 social bookmarking sites per day. Never try to exceed this limit. You can create your accounts on these websites with little efforts.
There are thousands of people using these websites to share their content to generate heavy traffic. Once, you add your website link to social bookmarking site, it automatically generates backlinks for you. When you are creating account on these websites, always try to add the link of your hompage. Get the latest social bookmarking websites on the web and share your link to get quality of backlink. 

3) BackLinks through Guest Posting:

You can get white hat seo links through Guest Posting as well. I'm going to share the tips through which you can do guest postings. You should never try to make backlinks for free using tools. These tools will never provide you everlasting benefits. If you do manual link building, you will get long term success in this field. If you are unable to do Seo for yourself, you should hire someone to do SEO for you.


Guest posting is the technique through which you write articles for someone relating to your own category and in returns he gives backlinks for your websites. You should make good relation with the others bloggers who have made blog or websites related to your category. You can do Guest posting for them to generate healthy traffic to your websites. If you are having good relations then you can get backlinks from Guest Blogging. 

4) Backlinks through Article Submission:

There are number of websites which accepts unique and high quality articles. You can write on any of the topic to generate link for your blog. You should not add more than two links of your website in the article. These type of free backlinks take time because you have to sit at the desk for hours to write an awesome and unique article. You can add one link in your bio section as well.
If you are targeting a single page of your blog or site, you have to add the link of that post or page get free backlink and rank it in Search Engines. Never try to submit the same article on different articles accepting websites. You should write another article for another article accepting website.

5) Forum Postings to generate Quality Backlink:

Forum commenting is another source of create high Da backlinks. You should involve yourselves in forums to share ideas with them. There are millions of people present on forums who share their content with each other to get heavy traffic. You can share your posts on different forums to get a lot visitors to your website.

6) Blog Commenting:

Blog commenting is another way of getting free backlink to your website. Always try to publish unique comments on high PR and DA websites. Your comments should not look spam to the Search Engines. There is a site named as "DROPMYLINK.COM", search your keywords and find High PR and DA websites to comment on them.
The website that I have shared is very useful in getting High PR and DA backlinks. You can get number of free high quality backlinks by comment on posts of blog.


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