Ultimate Guide: How to get Google Adsense Approval?

Welcome to Instant Tech Guide! Hello everyone! I hope you are all hale and hearty. I'm going to share you all the things through which you can get Google Adsense Approval. I've seen a lot of Newbie bloggers who are unable to get approval of Adsense. They think that they have done everything but they are unable to get approval. When they don't get approval of this advertising network, they leave this field without hesitation. I've just launched this website to help your guys. I have come to see a lot of Bloggers who buy adsense for their websites but that is not fair. You will never get everlasting profit if you buy this advertising network.
I am going to share my story how I got approval for Google Adsense. If you are Newbie Blogger and follow my instructions, you will get Adsense approval very soon. It took very long time for me to get approval for Google Adsense. But it will not take too long for you if you read this article very carefully. I've been blogging since 2013 when I was just 13 years old. You will be surprise to know that I got approval in 2019. I believe no one has such patience. If you don't get Approval you will leave this field in one year.

First of all, I am going to share with you how can qualify for Adsense by writing only one post. I got Sign up Button by writing only one post on my blog. You can get this button also by writing only one post if you follow me in this regard. I suggest you write an 100% unique article for your blog. Keep in view, this article must be SEO friendly as well.
Now, the question arises how can you write Seo Friendly article for your blog. You'll need to focus on these things while writing an article on blog or website. First of all, try to add trending keyword in your post. If you are beginner then never focus on high cpc keywords. You should add that keywords that are having high searching volume on web. 

How to write an article for your blog?

How to find best keywords for you article?

Once, you have written an article, you need to share it on Social Networking websites like Facebook, Reddit, Instagram, and Twitter etc.  Now, you need to add your website to Google Search console. Submit your sitemap to it. Now, you need to copy the link of your article and paste it in Search console and request for indexing. Once, your article has been indexed, you will automatically Sign Up Button for Google Adsense. I got qualification with just one post the way I told you. Try it yourself, you will get better result. I've seen no one share its information with anyone.

Ultimate Guide to Google Search Console


1) Adding Custom domain to Blogger:

First of all, you need to add a custom domain to blogger. In the past, Google Adsense used to give approval on blogspot domains as well as tk. Now-a-days, it is difficult to get approval on these type of domains. There are number of websites who are offering domains at cheap rates. I would recommend you to buy domain from Godaddy. You will have to spend at least $10 or less to get your domain. If you are not having any account, you can ask your friends to buy a domain for you. Always try to buy .com domain for your website.

1) Number of posts:

Newbie Bloggers always ask me how much posts should we write to get approval. According to me, there must be 15 unique articles on your blog before you apply for it. If you have written 15 seo friendly article, you can get Google Approval in 10 days. Now, I am going to share my story. I wrote only 13 articles before I applied for Adsense. 

2) Image Optimization:

I suggest you to add your own images or photos to your post. I've seen a lot of bloggers who wrote very unique articles but add copyright images. Why you do it? If you can write article of 1000 words why can't you make your own image. The bloggers ask me We wrote 100% unique articles but are notified that we are using copyright content. This is all due to images or photos. Do you want to make your own photos for your website? Where to get Stock photos for free? So, I am going to share the link with you through which you can make your own photos and add them to your posts or websites.

Where to download Stock Images for free?

How to edit photo in Photoshop to prevent it from copyright?

3) Template Customization:

If you want to make your website look professional, you must customize your blogger or Wordpress template. Your template must be attractive for the people so that they may visit your website. Your website must be easy to navigate. You must add clean navigation to your blog or website. I've seen that people use custom template and they don't customize it. 

  • Navigation Customization: Always try to add a very simple navigation to your blog. This navigation should be very simple for the visitors to navigate. Each of your visitor may navigate to your post very easily. Google always want us to add simple menu to your blog.
  • Footer Customization: If you are using custom template, you should customize your footer section if you are willing. It is not so much necessary but you should edit it to add professional look to your website.
  • Social Sharing Widgets: Add proper social sharing widgets to your blog so that your visitors may share the posts with their friends and other people.

How to add and Customize Blogger Template?

Responsive Blogger Templates with Customization

4) Adding Static pages to your Website:

  • You must add these static pages to your website such as About us, Contact us, Privacy Policy.
  • You should explain yourself and your website in About us page.
  • You should add contact us form to your contact us page. You can just add your emails to Contact us page as well.
  • You can generate Privacy policy online as well. 
  • You must add these pages before you apply for Google Adsense.

How to add Contact Us page to your Website?

5) Adding posts to different Pages in Blogger or Wordpress:

I've already told you that your website must be very easy to navigate for the users or visitors. You should always try to create a decent menu for your blog. You should add posts to different pages according to their categories. I suggest you not to add drag down menu to your website if you are beginner.

How to add your posts in different pages in blogger?

If you have done all these things, you can get Google Adsense Approval. I hope, you will get approval within 10 days. If you have got approval after reading this article, share it with me in comment section.


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