How to add Youtube Video to your blogger Post?

Today, I'll be sharing with you how to add youtube video to a blog. If you add a video to your blog then it attracts a lot of audience towards itself. If you are running a website to teach the people then you must add a video to your posts. If you haven't added videos to your post yet, you should make comparison after adding youtube tutorial to your post.
If you have added a video to your post then you don't need marketing for your post. It automatically attracts the audience towards your post. You should always try to add your own youtube tutorial to the post. If you are going to add videos without any permission, you may face the issue of copyright. You may try others platforms like Dailymotion, and Vimeo.  


Follow these simple steps to add youtube tutorial to your blogger post:

1: Navigate to Youtube:

First of all visit Youtube and choose a video you want to upload.

2: Upload Video:

Always try to upload your own video to channel so that you may not face the issue of copyright.

3: Play the Video:

Now, click on the tutorial you want to embed to your post.

4: Embedding the Video:

Now, you need to embed the video by clicking the Sharing button present under the video. I'll provide you the snapshot so that you may understand quickly.

Now, you need to click on the share button as shown above in the given screen shot. Then, you need to embed it and copy the code as shown below. 
Now, you need to copy this code and paste it in html section of your blogger post. You have successfully embedded Youtube tutorial to your blogger post.


1: Earning From Youtube Channel:

In order to add videos to your blogger, you have to create a channel on Youtube. With the help of youtube, you can easily upload any video in just a single click. Once, you have created a channel and uploaded a video. You must apply for Google Adsense through your channel. You can earn through this video by Google Adsense. If you get thousands of views on your post, you'll be paid for that video. 

2: Traffic increases towards your post:

You can get a lot of traffic towards your blog by adding simple videos to your post. The readers never read your post thoroughly. They feel boredom to read the whole article while sitting on the desk. The videos that you add to your blogger post increase the bounce rate of your website. The visitors always prefer videos instead of reading the whole article. So, always try to add Youtube tutorial to your post to attract the audience towards your post.


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