How to do proper On page Seo of your Blog?

Today, I'll help you in increasing the traffic towards your website. Many of my friends ask me how to make your blog seo friendly. The questions arises how the search engines read our websites. I have seen all the people pay attention to Off Page Seo. Without proper On page Seo, you can't rank your website in Search Engines.


1: Article Optimization:

The first step is to write unique and seo friendly article. You will never be approved by Google Adsense until you write unique posts. First of all do proper Keyword Research. Add your keyword to title, h2 tags, and body as well. Try to write a lengthy article which contains whole information. You must add proper description to your posts. Always try to add permalink that contains your keyword.

2: Custom Robot Header Tags:

Custom Robot Header Tags play an important role in On-Page Seo of your blog. These tags help you to make your website Seo Friendly. You can set up these tags in search preferences. If you have not set up these tags in blogger then you are not going to get any success. I'll share with you how to set up these tags.

3: Google Search Console:

Google Search Console is a tool designed by google in 2003. Once you have written a post, you should submit it to Google Search Console to crawl it. With the help of this tool, you can crawl your pages as well as your post. I'll share with you how to add your site to Google Search Console. You can add your blogspot hosted domain as well as custom domain. You can request Search Engine to crawl your pages.  
Follow these simple steps to add your website to Google Search Console:
  • Navigate to Google and search Google Search Console.
  • Once you have opened the link, click on Start now.
  • Now, add your domain to make it visible on google search console.
  • You need to verify the ownership of your website. 
  • You can verify your ownership by placing the given code in the header tag of your template. 

4: Submitting Sitemap to Google Search Console:

Once you have verified the ownership of your website, submit your site map to google search console. Sitemap contains the complete information about your website. You need to submit your site to search engines so they may crawl your pages as well as post. If you are just focusing on writing the posts but you have not submitted it to Search Engines. Then these posts will never index in Search Engines.
Follow these steps to submit your sitemap to Google Search Console.
  • Visit your Google Search Console Dashboard.
  • Click on sitemaps to submit it.
  • You have to write sitemap.xml after the domain.
  • You have successfully submitted the Sitemap.
Google Search Console will automatically alarm Google to index your pages and posts. Once you have submitted the sitemap, you don't need to request Google to index it. It plays an important role in On Page Seo of your blog.

5: Adding Custom Robot.txt to your Website:

Robot.txt is the key of On-Page Seo. You must add it your website. Robot.txt is a file that asks robots of Search Engines to crawl your posts as well as pages. Through this file, you can index the pages you want. The posts and pages you don't want to be indexed will never be indexed if you done it in a proper way. Google Robot will never index the pages you don't want. Actually, it provides instructions to the Robot.
User-agent: Mediapartners-Google
User-agent: *
Disallow: /search
Allow: /
Follow these simple steps to add Robot.txt file to your website:
  • Navigate to your Blogger Dashboard.
  • Now, go to settings of blogger.
  • Move on to search preferences. 
  • In Crawler and Indexer section, add robot.txt file.
  • Click on edit and paste the code that is given above. 

6: Adding Meta Description:

You must add Meta description to your website. It is a meta tag which is added to website to summarize the page. You can add this meta description to your posts as well in blogger. It is difficult for everyone to write proper description for your website.The length of meta description should not be more than 150 words. Google Algorithm doesn't focus on meta description but you should add it at your own. 


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