Sunday, July 7, 2019

Best Websites to download Stock Photos for your Website

Today, I'll share with you how to download paid photos for free. Newbie Bloggers create a blog and start writing a post. They use the images from Google for their websites. As they are new, they are unable to create images for themselves. For them, there are a lot of websites which provide best images for free with no copyrights.Google Adsense does not approve the websites which are using the copyrighted images.
Images or photos always play a key role in your post. You must add 2 to 3 images to make it SEO friendly, The people who add stock images to their posts get more views than the people who don't. But the Newbie bloggers make mistakes by adding the copyrighted images to the post. Instead of using these images, there are number of websites that contain thousands of stock photos. You can download these photos free of cost. I'll recommend you to use these images. I'm going to share the list of websites that provide images free of cost. Keep in view, if you have downloaded the stock images you must edit it. 

Where to download Stock Images for your Website?

1: Pixabay: 

Pixabay is regarded as the best website for Newbie Bloggers to download stock images for free. It is reliable to use without any fear. If you are using the stock images from Pixabay, you will never face the issue of copyright. Personally, I would like to recommend you to use the photos downloaded from pixabay. You can download the vectors as well as illustration with the help of pixabay. You can visit this website here.

2: FreeRange:

FreeRange is another best website to download free stock images for your website. If you are able to create photos yourself then you don't need to download any photo from the web. But if you are not expert in creating photos yourself, you must download the photos from these type of websites. You should not copy the photos that have already been indexed in google or another search engines. You can download the images as well as illustration from this website. You can visit this website here.

3: Unsplash:

Unsplash is a website containing million of photos. There is very impressive story behind its development. It's owner was creating a homepage for his website and he needed photos for it. He was unable to get high quality photos. For this purpose, he created a directory for people to upload snapshots there. You must try this website to download high quality snapshots for your blog. It has become a community now where the people share high quality snapshots with each other. You can visit this website here.

4: Burst:

Burst is another leading website in the field of photography. Burst provides you high resolution photos free of cost. Burst is available to provide you snapshots on every topic that comes in your mind. You can upload your own photos on burst to share it with the people but burst doesn't accept the stock images that contain watermark of any company or are copyrighted. Burst has been introduced by one of the biggest company Shopify. You can use these stock images for your commercial as well. You can visit this amazing website here.

5: StockVault:

StockVault is competing successfully with the websites of photography. The stock snapshots are uploaded by the artists and the photographers. Number of stock snapshots are added to website on daily basis. If low quality images are uploaded by the artists and the photographers then StockVault modify these screenshots to make it perfect for the users. With the help of StockVault, you can share your work with the community. You can also help the photographers and artists if you are willing to do so. You can visit this stunning community here.

6: PicJumbo:

Picjumbo is a stunning community providing a lot of stock snapshots to the people to share on their websites. The owner says that he has tried his best to help the people regarding high quality photos. You should be careful while using this website because some of the snapshots contain copyrighted issue. You have to buy those images to use them. You can use them for your commercial use as well. You can visit this website here.

7: Reshot:

Reshot provides you number of stock images for free. You can use these images for your website without any fear. You can submit your work to Reshot as well. They will accept your work after reviewing it. Reshot is very easy to use. Reshot has hired number of photographs to get high resolution photos. You can edit these images as well. You can use the downloaded photos for commercial and editorial use as well. Number of photos are added to Reshot everyday. You can visit the website here.



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