How to add Transparent text in Photoshop Cs6?

Today, I'll teach you how to add transparent text in Photoshop Cs6. Image Optimization has become the need of the hour for every blogger now-a-days. I'll teach you how to create an image for yourself. I hope you will be able to create your own images after reading this whole article. Images as well as videos are necessary for your post. Images and videos attract audience towards your post.
You should always try to create your own image for your post. This tutorial will help you in creating a unique image for your post. Newbie Bloggers download the images from the Search Engines and upload them to their posts. That is why they face the issue of copyright. You can edit your image by applying text to it. But you can make it awesome by using Photoshop. 


I'll recommend you to use Photoshop for this purpose. The reason is that it has multiple tools through which you can edit your image perfectly.  Adobe Photoshop is very easy to use. The people take it difficult because it has number of tools and people don't know about them. 
It is rightly said: "Practice makes a man Perfect."
 After reading the whole article, you will say to yourself that Adobe Photoshop is not difficult to use. No tool can compete with Photoshop in this regard. You can get Photoshop with crack from the web. If you can afford license version, you must buy this tool. Otherwise, you may try it's trial version. You should add transparent text to image so that it may look stylish.


1: Access to Photoshop:

First of all, you must have Photoshop installed on your PC. Once you have installed Photoshop on your PC. Make sure you are using Adobe Photoshop Cs6. Because I will be using Cs6 version for this purpose. If you use the same version, it'll be easy for you understand. Because there might be changes in different version.

2: Open the Image you want to edit:

Newbie Bloggers can download high resolution images from these websites. You should download the high quality image to be edit. You can drag that image to this software as well as open it. So, open the image in this software.

3: Adding Text to the Image:

Now, You need to add Text to image by selecting the Text tool in the software. Now, click anywhere on the image and write whatever you want. You can understand this concept by following the above snapshot. 

4: Creating a New Layer:

  • Now, create a new layer by clicking on right bottom corner icon.
  • Drag this layer in the center of other layers.
  • Select rectangular marquee tool and drag it around the whole text.
  • Right click in rectangular box and then on fill.
  • When you click on fill, window will ask to select the color. You need to select the white color for this purpose.
  • White background will be appeared behind the text.
  • Now, click on Los Angeles layer and press Ctrl+Click.
  • Click on the Eye to select the text area.

  • Now, move on to layer 1 and hold ALT+Click on the Add layer mask.

  • You have successfully added transparent text to an image in Adobe Photoshop as shown above in the screen shot.



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