Ultimate Guide: Flippa and its Best Alternative to Sell or Buy Website

Welcome to Instant Tech Guide! I'm back with a new tutorial. Today, I'm going to teach you how you can sell your websites or business online on Flippa. I want to share it with you that one of my blogger fellow asked me to buy his website. I told him about my busy routine. It's difficult to run businesses at the same time. I know the number of Bloggers are working on more a single website. When they work on more than a single website, it's become difficult for them to handle the site. So, they make decision to sell their websites. They contact with their fellows to buy their business. But they are unable to do so. I'm going to share with you Flippa as well as its Alternative. There will be complete guide in this article how you can sell your site on Flippa.


If you haven't heard of Flippa.com then this article is going to be very helpful for you. Flippa is a basically marketing website where you can sell and buy business as well as websites. On this platform, you can sell your high quality domains as well as apps. I've a lot of good things to say about it. The biggest advantage of this platform is that you can sell or buy a new business as well. If you are unable to start a business, you can get your initial step through this platform. 


All you need is to register as a buyer or seller on this platform. This platform has a very friendly interface. Everyone can easily buy or sell business on this marketing platform. Once, you have submitted your business to sell, the people make different bids on it. In this way, you get better idea about your business what you have done in the past. There are no reserves, websites can be sold at any prices. You can check Seo Work of the business you are going to buy. In order to understand it's Seo, you can navigate to Ahref. 


You must be careful when you are buying a website or a business on this platform. The reason is that you see that the website is getting heavy traffic. Keep in mind, the people can buy traffic as wells. They can get heavy traffic through Black Hat techniques as well. If you buy such a website, you are not going to get any benefit anymore. We don't know actually whether it is getting organic traffic or paid traffic. 


You can check it yourself whether the site is getting paid or organic traffic. Now-a-days, there are number of Seo tools through which you can check it's Search Engine Optimization work. You must use Ahref tool in this regard. You can check the Organic Keywords as well from where the audience is visiting your site. You must check the domain authority and page authority of the site. You must check the referring domains from where the backlinks are being generated. 


1) Empire Flippers:

Empire flippers is free best alternative to Flippa. In this Empire Flipper review, I'll discuss their services, credibility, customer service and my own personal experience on selling and purchasing business or website on this platform. You can easily sell your business in a week or a month on Empires Flippers. It's services vary whether you are a seller or buyer. When you create account a seller, and submit your website. You are connected with the best businessmen in the world. In the same way, this platform verifies your website traffic, monthly income and much more.
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Empires Flipper is making it's business by selling commission. I'm sharing the commission policy of this online marketing platform. It is one of the best site like flippa.
  • 15% for business listed for up to $1M
  • 12%  for business listed for up to $1M-$2M
  • 10% for business listed for up to $2M-5M
  • 8% for business listed for up to $5M+
If you have created account as a buyer on this legit alternative flippa platform and you are interest in one of the listing. You have to put 5% deposit in order to get access to URL, profit and loss, Google Analytics and other information. In order to deposit 5%, you can use your credit card in this regard.

2) Sedo.com 

Sedo is another best alternative to Flippa. Sedo is a professional online marketing platform where you can hand over your business to other people. You can make a clinch deal with your customers to get benefit from your site. First of all, you need to create an account on this site. All you need is to add your domain. You can sell your domains as well on this platform. In order to do so, you need to verify your account at initial stage. You can get it's free version as well as premium. If you are unable to get the premium, you should try it's free version.
Sedo.com claims that they are the best side in the world. It has a very beautiful and good looking interface. All the buyers and sellers are connected all over the world. This platform also give your awesome tools to analyze the websites before buying. One of biggest advantage of this site is that you can add more than 200 domains at the same time. Once, you have submitted your website, it gives you the suggestion price according to your domain after analyzing it.

3) Godaddy: 

Godaddy is another best online alternative platform to sell your established business for free. I'll recommend you to use this amazing website because it receives lot of traffic. Godaddy is considered a most trusted website in this regard. Your domain has great chances of selling because number of people visit this site on daily basis. You can list your domain or site for auction on Godaddy. Do we have to pay for auction on Godaddy? You have to get it's premium membership for buying and selling domains. You have to pay almost $5 in this regard.
You can easily add your domain for free in listings. You should add the domain in listings when you feel that the domain has become popular and is satisfied enough to give your some profit. You should always buy a domain that you think it will be profitable for you in the future. You can add a minimum auction  of 7 days for your domain. Will it take commission as well? Yes, it will. Let's discuss it's commission value based on selling price on domain.
  • If your domain is sold out at $0-$5000 then you have to pay 15% commission ($20).
  • If your domain is sold out at $5000-$25000 then you have to pay $1000 + 15% of amount after $5000.
  • If your domain is sold out at $25000+ then you have to pay $4000+ 10% of amount after $25000

4) Freemarket.com

Freemarket is a network which resembles to Flippa where you can sell your old domain as well as new. This website was introduced by one of the leading freelancing site named as Freelancer. It has not achieved the success like other websites but it is valuable too at the same time. This platform also receives much traffic so you can easily buy or sell domains. If you are interested in any list, you can easily place your bid. If you have won the listings, the seller will hand over you the domain. 


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