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Welcome Back to Instant Tech Guide! Today, I'm going to share complete information about Bitly. Bitly is a URL shortening tool that is used to shorten link of your post. You can use this premium tool free as well. Now-a-days, there are many alternatives to Bitly which you can use for free. The main Headquarter of this company is based in New York, America. There are millions of links being shorten by Bitly. The services of Bitly are better than any other URL shortening website or Platform. Billions of URL have already been shortened by this platform. This company is owned by SPECTRUM EQUITY.


Bitly is very famous as it is URL shortening tool. No one can beat this tool in this regard. Once you paste the link of your post or website it automatically converts it into short URL. All you need is to copy that displayed URL. You can share this shortened URL with your friends on Social Networking websites. It provides the complete analysis of that shortened URL as well. You can check that how many times the link has been clicked. In short, it gives you complete summary of your URLs. 

You can use this tool as a guest as well. You don't need to sign up or create an account on this platform to enjoy it services. All you need is to visit the website and paste the link that needs to be shortened. But if you have used this tool as a guest without registering on this website, you can't save your URLs in order to use it in future. Then, you can't get of that URLs as well. You need to save these on your own. While, if you register on Bitly, then it automatically saves your URL for future use. 


Now, I'm going to share how you can create account on Bitly. In the above screenshot, you can see the option Get Started For Free. Click on this option to sign up or register your own account. You can register your account without sharing your card details. Follow the below screenshot to do so. 
  • Enter the user name through which you want to login for the next time in the first box.
  • Enter email address to register your account in the second box.
  • Setup your password in the 3rd block through which you will login in future.
  • Click on Sign up with Email. 
  • You have successfully created account on Bitly. 


Now, I'm going to share that which services will be provided to you in free account. If you are having free account, you can't get access to it's Dashboard. If you want to create custom Links, then you have to upgrade to premium account. If you are the owner of the premium account then you create links of your own desires. But if you don't have access to premium account, then it automatically generates link for you. You will see a graph on the main page of your account, this graph shows you that how many links you have created in the week so far.
If you want the summary of each link separately, you can click on that link to get it's summary. You can get it's summary to check that how many clicks that link has received. In order to receive multiple clicks on your website, you need to use custom domain in this regard. If you are using a free domain then you don't get many clicks as you get through custom domain. So, I'll recommend you to always use the custom domain in this regard.


Now, I'm going to explain that how you can create Bitlinks for your posts or website. Follow this simple screenshot to create Bitlinks. 
  • First of all, Click on Create Bitlink.
  • Now, paste the URL you want to be shortened and click on save.
  • Copy the shortened URL to share it on Social Networking websites like Facebook, Reddit etc. 


Bitly is very useful for the people who share their links on Social Networking websites like Facebook, Reddit etc. The people who share their links directly on these type of websites. These websites ban them and they are unable to share their links on these websites. But if you are using this awesome free tool. You will never be banned by these Social Networking websites. You can share your links without the risk of being banned.



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