7 Best Passive Income Ideas to Build Real Wealth

Passive Income - Who don't need it? We all want it, right? The question is how to find Best passive Income Ideas that really work in 2020? Can you imagine you can also make money while sleeping? This is the questions that comes in everyone's mind. I researched a lot and found best ways to make passive income that you can apply in 2020 to earn money.


The most wanted answer of the hour is, "What is Passive Income"? Passive income is the way of earning money without actively working for it. If you are smart enough, move on a right track, the income will continue to increase with little efforts. As everyone is already busy in his life, no one bothers to find second job for him.


Many people don't believe that a person can earn money by passive ways as they always work hard for this purpose. The reason behind our failure is that we can't make money by working smartly.


As mentioned before, Passive income is that the source of constant income that you earn for a piece of work that you have done once. It's the mode of income you're earning even when you are sleeping or As mentioned earlier, passive income is that the source of income you get by performing on project once then letting that project provide you a gentle stream of income.

Active income, on the opposite hand, is something that you simply actively do to get revenue. it's vital to pay close attention to each single detail because the work isn't once during a while quite project but requires a continuing contribution.


When it involves discussing the importance of passive income, the chances are extensive. it's rather a replacement that more and more people are finding useful. But, why do you have to adopt it?

Passive income requires tons of diligence and precision put into it which is why it's vital to take care of what quite route you're choosing . it's vital to research and assess all the possible streams and find the one that seems best for you. All being said, if you're thinking of choosing a passive income stream, keep a couple of prospects into consideration.
Let us take a glance at a number of the benefits and drawbacks , shall we?


  1. It doesn’t require plenty of thorough work and time as it is a single time project, if ok , can bring you constant revenue for a lot of time .
  2. These type of projects help you a lot in saving your time and be specialized in other projects to make revenue from them.


  1. The money that you generate from passive ways might decrease after a particular period of time.
  2. These type of income ideas take a lot of your time to help you in earning passive income.



Graphic designing is a creative way to make cash via designing and selling products your clients with love.
You can sell printed merchandise like commercial enterprise cards, banners, business cards etc. Besides these, there is constantly a endless call for for blog planners, fonts, patterns, mockup sets, clip arts, media kits, logos, icons and vectors in the on-line world. While, Graphic Leftovers is a website wherein graphic designers can even promote undesirable files (like logos, icons, illustrations and more), ThemeForest is a popular market for designers who have designed multiple templates to sell. Creative Market is another great on line marketplace with millions of site visitors where you can promote your creative works for excellent margins.

Go beforehand and Sign up here to begin sharing your creative paintings with the world.

If your motto is to sell your projects online, I advise you partner with digital platforms like Etsy or Sendowl that care a lot about conversion rates and ease of use.


Starting a blog is the most critical tool for generating passive revenue. Blogs can generate a healthy income for your blog, however not quickly. If you're planning to start a blog, then realize that it will take a lot of effort and time to succeed. 

Whatever your niche is, as long as you have a transparent understanding of things like Search engine optimization, Social Media Marketing and the capability to write High Quality of content, then you will get result in future regarding money. Once your blog becomes popular, it gives you with the platform to sell your relevant products and start making money through advertisement.


If you've got a particular area of experience or some information that you simply love sharing with others, then why not use that knowledge to develop passive income stream!
You can create a web course on almost anything and the best part is that when you’ve done the initial work to line it up, you could take a seat back and let the
 cash roll in.

There are various sites that permit you create a web course with them, but I would personally prefer Teachable. It’s totally free to create a course and start uploading new things such as videos, presentations, audio and more.

They also allow you to promote your course as freely as you wish and provide you more control over the pricing. To help you start, Teachable has free live coaching to assist you launch your own money-making on-line course. Grab this offer by visiting Teachable!


There is not any doubt that human beings are starting to acknowledge YouTube as a great way to make cash.In fact, there are millions of people making a livable wage by making online videos.

The sky is the limit because you'll specialize in one topic that you simply concentrate on otherwise you can mention something different everyday.

There are a number of people that mention theories or and elaborate on the differences between the books and television series.

If you'll create a watchable video with great content you can make a lot of money with advertisements.

If you lack certain Video making skills and unable to record videos for your channel, you can watch a YouTube video Tutorial and examine it.


If you have an aptitude for photography, then you can virtually use that to earn some extremely good money. People always need pictures to surely get their message across on line or in printed materials and most people don’t have the time or the ability to take them ourselves. 

That’s why selling your pictures on a website like Alamy can be a extraordinary way to make money even as you sleep. All you have to do is to add the pictures on website  and then people can buy them every time they want, with none more work from you being needed.

And when a person buys one of your photographs from their website, you get 50% of the sale charge. The best thing about selling photos online is that the website only keeps 30% of the selling price. You can sign up as a student to get 100% money for two years.


TIK TOK is one of the best passive income ideas which has gained so much popularity in the last two years. It’s a platform that permits you to make short videos with a little effort. You can shoot humorous or creative movies and publish on it. However, it doesn’t provide you passive income initially. But in case you work regularly, then you can make massive income for the long run definitely. But the idea of making passive income from Tik Tok is different from what you think.
In the beginning, You don't earn money passively but when you become popular, you can make income smoothly.

For this Purpose, You must have 1M Followers in order to earn money from Tik Tok. You don't need to work hard. All you need is to create social engaging videos to get 1M Followers.Once You have got this plenty audience, you’re equipped to earn passive earnings.

You need to promote yourself by different Social Media websites like Facebook, Pinterest and Reddit etc. It will help you a lot to become popular on Tik Tok.
NOTE: Keep in mind, you don't get  income directly from TIK TOK, instead Affiliate Marketing and sponsorship help you to earn your livelihood.


In this age of Modern era, Who doesn't have personal I-phone or Cell Phone? Whatever the mobile you have, the proper functioning of the device requires the installation a number of mobile apps. If you've got a tremendous idea for a mobile app, then don't wait anymore!

You don’t need to pay to create an app yourself, but you’ll have to pay a little fee to Apple and Google to distribute your app on their app stores. If you are unable to develop app for yourself, you must hire someone for this purpose. There are a lot of ideas to earn passive income from an app. After developing an app, you can sell it on stores as well to make residual money.

If you fee for your app or have in-app purchases, Apple/Google will take a commission for that purpose. If you provide your app for free on different stores, you can add advertisements, features, currency of different countries as well.


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